March Dynamis Schedule

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March Dynamis Schedule Empty March Dynamis Schedule

Post  Lessahope on Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:18 pm

As of 20 Feb 2010:

1 Mar - Beaucedine (Going for clear)
4 Mar - Xarcabard (Going for clear)
8 Mar - Valkurm (This is a dreamlands placeholder. If we don't have the people we may switch to
11 Mar - Beaucedine
15 Mar - Jeuno
18 Mar - Xarcabard
22 Mar - Buburimu (Once again this is a dreamlands placeholder. If we do Bubu on 8 Mar, this will
Update and move to Bismarck.
25 Mar - San d'Oria (Had to change this because of an LS)
29 Mar - Xarcabard

Hopefully we get all our dreamlands clears so we can start doing Tav next month!


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