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Post  Lessahope on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:26 pm

We always welcome newcomers. Contact Lessahope or any of our shellholders to get a pearl sent your way.

Now for the rules. (Rules have been changed 20 Jun 2010 and will be inacted starting with the July Schedule):

- choose 1 Main and 1 Sub for relic. One of the officers will call "Main Lot" or "Primary Lot." If no one has primary, then it will go to Sub/Secondary. If no one has secondary, an officer will call "Free Lot." Primary jobs should be 70+. Secondary jobs can be any level.

- For Dreamland zones choose 1 Main and 2 Subs. Main and subs can be -1 Relic, Relic, or Accessory. Items will be called "Main," "Sub 1," and "Sub 2."

- NEW CURRENCY RULE. **revoked** After 600k gil worth has been taken for the run (500k for glass, 100k for puller (this covers reraise, arrows, lost experience)), the remainder will go be divided among members that are on currency after it has been sold. (Note: I will still do what I can for members wishing to upgrade by giving their portion in ancient currency or selling at a discounted rate)

- Attendance will be taken. If you miss more than 2 runs, you will be unable to lot a primary job or do currency. You however will be able to put 2 jobs under secondary. If this is your first Dynamis run with us, then you will be unable to lot primary but may lot 2 secondary jobs. (Note: This rule has not gone into effect. When it does, you will be made aware, via this website, or by the attendance taker)

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